Executive Team



Head of Consumer Insights

A fan and “fanthropologist,” Kristen has been dedicated to the study of audiences and fandoms for over a decade, working on franchises that include: Marvel, DC, Bond, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes, The Twilight Saga, Alien, Predator, and more. She has also worked on building audiences for many original genre, indie films, and TV shows using her unique understanding of audience behavior and predictive response. With a research background that spans anthropology, film history, international film and television, machine learning, and statistical studies, her approach is holistic in its purview and capable of integrating with any existing research a client has already conducted.



Head of Creative Marketing

 A career creative with a background in creative direction and copywriting, Kristie has a proven track record of crafting resonant, powerful creative campaigns, contributing to the success of some of the largest brand and entertainment properties in the world, including Marvel, Mission Impossible, MGM Resorts International, and Barbie.




Head of Digital Strategy

Stephanie is passionate about storytelling and the creation of compelling narratives that connect with audiences. She has spearheaded International and Domestic social campaigns to raise the bar and create effective and innovative marketing within the digital landscape.